Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Soccer Stud/ENJA

This boy (although forever my baby) is really all BOY.  Baby, toddler, young tot- all out the window I tell ya. This weekend seals the deal. He scored two goals in his first soccer game and  picked out a NINJA Halloween costume all by himself. A sound making sword was an extra purchase because according to him all "ENJAS" have swords. (pictures to come). 

 The other day he let me have the last oatmeal square cookie bite because he said he wanted to do something SPECIAL for me. He said- “mom, I am thinking about you. “ 

I pray that he will always be a kind, respectful gentleman- shining his light in this world. This country needs men who love Jesus boldly. 

I love this kid so fiercely. He’s competitive like his mama, sweet as pie, hungry to learn and 100% an outdoors man. 

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