Thursday, September 17, 2015

Deacon Matthew- 22 months!

Best smiles are always with this sweet daddy 

Weight/Length :  close to 30 pounds.  33/34 inches

Eating:  He is an orange maniac- orange juice, orange slices, anything orange he LOVES. Every morning he asks for fruit bites and juice for breakfast. He loves chicken, salad, grapes, corn, peas, carrots, noodles, pears, and apples. This boy loves fruit bites (if that wasn't obvious from the breakfast request)- it’s his reward for everything and if you ask what he wants for snack- sure bet that it will be his answer.  

I am always surprised about what he chooses to eat and what he leaves behind. He’s unpredictable to say the least. Deacon is the definition of a grazer- he would like eight small meals. At dinner time, the Deek would like to have a plate sitting around and come back to it every 10 minutes after he gets some playtime in. We are working on this. He still has about 14 ounces of milk a day. I would like to cut back here in the next couple months in hopes of reducing the graze mentality.

Bedtime/ Awake:  Eleven/Twelve hours a night and then a two/three hour nap in the afternoon

Orange Slices

Diapers:  4’s

Clothes: 2T. I’ve decided that he has the Buda belly that sticks out and makes shirts super tight but at the same time has a skinny waist. It makes some shorts hard to stay on- especially swim trunks. Deacon is the king of plumber crack in the pool.

Favorites: His FAVORITE possession is three blankets that we all now refer to ask his “bundys”. They are pretty much rags at this point, but he LOVES them. Deacon gravitates towards all things with motors. He loves trucks, cars, school buses, trains, airplanes, and helicopters. Deacon asks to drive his daddy’s car every day when Matt gets home. His favorite song is “tractor tractor” by slugs and bugs. If he hears the TV on, homeboy requests choo choos or football. (Every man’s dream right?)
On an average day, you will likely find him building a Magna-tile box to store his “vroom vrooms” or reading Curious George Goes to the Zoo.  Little brother loves to play hide n’ seek, wrestle, climb, swim, run, and ride his tricycle. 
He is fearless. He will jump into the pool, go under, and come up with no tears and the trust that you will be there to catch him. He is doing slides and rock walls that Noah diddn’t dare touch until these past couple months. This kids is BOLD.

Dislikes:  Deacon doesn’t love road trips. I would say long car rides are probably his nemesis. He hates to be buckled down that long and will let us all know very quickly. Deacon doesn’t like to share snacks or toys that he is playing with. He is very into his own space with other kids. Deacon has seen some time out over the past month for attitude issues. He is the best lover but also the best fighter.
Last week Deacon was really upset when he fell down. I came into the room to see what happened and Noah said he tripped. Deacon was very angry with his brother and  wanted Noah out of his way. I couldn’t figure out why. Deacon looked me in the eyes and said very clearly “Noah pushed.” Come to find out- Deacon hadn’t tripped.  Noah was rough housing when they were running around and had pushed him. It was the first time that Noah got tattled on by little brother and it won’t be the last. It was hilarious to see it all come to fruition. Noah was shocked that Deacon could verbalize what really happened.  

Tricks: Deacon’s vocabulary has expanded immensely this past month. Big brother has been in school, so I think some one-on-one time with the nanny has done him wonders. It’s been awesome to see and watch it all unfold. We are seeing sentences that are about 30% distinguishable to most and 70% distinguishable by Matt or me.

Some of my new favorite words used in correct context- Elmo, elbow, chin, nanny, orange, jeep, and orange juice. He knows to clean up if he spills and understands how to put his clothes and shoes away. Deacon is an expert with the iPhone (much to my dismay). He is our little engineer and it’s awesome to watch him go. This boy who is almost two and looks so BIG with his hair cut is AMAZING. I can't remember life without him. 

Buda Belly

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