Friday, September 4, 2015

Noah Says Dragons and Dads Edition

Noah- “Can I pray for God to make dragons?”
Me- “Yes but they are pretend.”
Noah- “Well I really want to see one breathe fire.”

Matt gets home. We go outside to the pool while Matt changes his clothes.
Deacon- “Daddy?”
Me- “Yeah, where is he?”
Noah- “Guess he’s doing a workout video.”

Me- “Matt, how was work?”
Matt- “I got to sit on an appeal today.”

Noah- “Mom, deacon’s small. I’m medium. You are tall.”
Me- “Oh ya. I’m super tall.”
Noah- “Oh wait, you are short. Right?”

Noah-“Mom, when do I get to be an adult?”
Me- “18”

Noah- “Or a couple months?”

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