Monday, September 14, 2015

Noah's Thoughts on Commuting to School, Songs, Bunnies, and Vegetables

Noah rides with Matt to school everyday. I try to offer to help sometimes, but I think they both enjoy the morning ritual of Taylor Swift and Joy Riding. Here are some things he has told Matt.

“Dad, if you don’t make it through that light I think you’re just going to have to run thru it. “

GPS- “Follow Walnut Hill for two miles.”

Behind a slow driver...
"Speed up Lady."

"Mom, I've got "Shake it Off" in my body."
Me- "OH yeah?"
Noah- "I listen to it every morning and it goes from my head to my body all day."

Here are just a couple things that have happened throughout the past couple weeks. 

Me- “Deacon you want to sing a song?”
Noah- “Oh mom. I got this. I know 100 songs, but I’m a big fan of just one.”
He then proceeds to sing a made up song for 5 minutes and does NOT want to be interrupted.

Noah- “Can my bunny share the blanket with you? Remember, he is a stuffed animal- he can’t toot.”

Noah- “WAIT… Does this have vegetables?”
Looking at the casserole he’s eating…
Me and Matt- “YESSS….”

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