Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Noah Says...

"Let's relax mom."

Mom, I’m going to take my wife home. She looks like Wonder woman.

Me- I love her hot pink shirt.
Noah- hot puke?

Talking after church…
Noah- How was church mom?
Me- It was great. They had baptisms.
Noah- What's baptism?
 (I explained all about it and how it involves dunking in the water. I talked about how it is an outward expression of your belief in Jesus. I felt like I really put it into perspective for him until...)
Noah- Oh that’s great mom. Can I do that? I’ll cannon ball in the water.

Walking out of the mall as a lady is cleaning the glass…
“Mom, is that girl windexing???”

Me- Can I have a kiss? 
Noah- Mom, if I give you too many I’ll run out.

Hunting Coyotes 

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  1. Too cute! Just love reading his funny sayings all the time. He'll run out is hilarious. Sweet funny boy :).