Thursday, October 29, 2015

To the Boy Who Made Me a Mama....


There is nobody on this earth like you. You are ONE. OF. A. KIND.

When I told you that we are family and you have to share your bithday toys with your brother-you chuckled and said “oh yeah mom. I forgot. I thought Deacon and Daddy were just visiting.”

You love with your whole heart.

When we looked at your class pictures posted online yesterday and you found THE GIRL you talk about constantly, I tried to look at other pictures and you got upset. “ BUT MOM I NEED TO SEE KATE, PLEASE LEAVE IT THERE.”

You are curious about everything and determined to be right.

Noah- “When will I be brown?” (To our African American Nanny)
Nanny- “Your mommy and daddy aren’t brown, so you won’t be brown because you are their son. I am brown because my mommy and daddy are brown.”
Noah- “I’m white- brown.” Walks away.
(seeing a sweet Caucasian family on our soccer team with newly adopted daughter who is African American threw this explanation out the window)

Animals are your thing.

At school, you say good morning to your teacher and good morning to Lenny the lizard. She says you stare at/talk to him for a good 10 minutes every day without fail. They have added a turtle as of last week- I haven’t checked to see if this has extended your morning routine.

Little Brother is your best side kick. Also the greatest gift we ever gave you.

There is nothing like seeing the two of you together exploding with giggles.  Night time brings out the comradery and craziness- Daddy and I brace for it. You two are hilarious. Noah, you are learning just as much from him as he is from you. I never realized that it would be a partnership this soon. 

I love how you listen and want to teach him EVERYTHING. You can translate to others what he is communicating with no problems. You say his name probably 1,000 times a day- wanting all of his attention on you.You ask often when he can come to school with you. Last week, you told me “Mom, I’m going to stay home now. I need to wait until Deacon can come with me. We are brothers- we go together.” (que the tears)

You are FOUR. No longer a toddler or baby but a BOY! We are PROUD of you kindness. We are STUNNED by your intelligence. We are HUMBLED by your love for JESUS. We are FOREVER GRATEFUL for YOU!

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