Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To My Favorite Two Year Old

- the one who made me a MAMA twice-

You are the spitting image of your daddy with a heart of gold.
At a play date on your birthday, you came over to me and told me to “come”. You wanted to show me a baby you had found playing on the floor. You got down on your belly, looked her in the eyes, talked to her and just wanted to hang out with her. You touched her hand and called her baby. It was the cutest. You love to love and be loved.

“Mommy, hold you dee-dee” (your name for yourself) comes out of your mouth as soon as you wake up or I walk in the door for work. You rest your head on my shoulders and just want to be. It’s the BEST. You look like your daddy- 100% all Clem. 

You are tough as nails but sweet as pie.
You take tumbles. LIKE TAKE TUMBLES. People will gasp. You don’t even skip a beat (unless you are really hurt). You pick yourself up and keep going. We like to call you our man on a mission. You’ve had more bruises, black eyes, and scrapes than your brother ever did. You are fearless, brave, and completely oblivious to things that should hurt.

You are hilarious.
You love to laugh and make people laugh. You have a sense of humor at the age of two and it’s amazing.  Last week, we put you down for a nap and decided to peek in a couple minutes later. We squatted as we opened the door to check on you- you were two inches away from our face with a blanket over your head and yelled- GHOST! You try to put on your brother or dad’s boxers all the time- just because you love our reaction. You think potty talk is the best thing ever and will announce anywhere that “so and so” has gone poo-poo or tooted. Just because.

Motors are your thing.
 Obsession with motorized machines runs strong in our family- hours of research over a dream car isn’t unheard of on your average Tuesday night. Deacon is there and fully has the gene. YOU LIVE FOR MOTORS.  Mimi and Pops gifted Deacon with an F150 battery operated car for his birthday- I’ve never seen such a smile. We spent 3 hours outside after nap driving this car. You could not stop. If there is a jeep in a parking lot, we have to take a three minute detour EVERY TIME to “say hi to the beep (aka jeep).”  

Noah is your favorite.
The gift of two brothers had been something I never really grasped until this past year.  Noah is your best playmate, forever cheerleader, and constant encourager. You are thick as thieves. As a mom, I could not be more touched or moved by watching this friendship develop and THRIVE. There is fighting, bossing, hitting, and all that’s associated with brothers in there too- but at the end of the night- you could not be more excited to have a slumber party together. The bunk beds have produced this comradery that’s unexplainable. Those lights go off and chaos happens

We love to watch both of your minds come together and explore the world. Our backyard has become the domain to roam, conquer, and destroy. It’s awesome. I can step back and let you learn from the best example- your brother. Your love for each other is fierce.  I'm so thankful. 

You are TWO. No longer a baby but a CRAZY TODDLER ! We are BLESSED by sweet spirit and HUGE BEAR HUGS.  We are FLOORED by your humor and ability to lighten any dark mood. We are constantly AMAZED by what you have added to our family.  We are FOREVER GRATEFUL for YOU and HOW YOU EXPANDED OUR LOVE! 

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