Friday, November 20, 2015


I am so thankful for both of my boys.

The imaginations and conversations are incredible at age two and four. I LOVE it. There is never a dull moment. 

These boys are the best of friends. Deacon is constantly mimicking the way his brother sits or eats. If Noah stands on a table, Deacon is following right behind. There are so many things I know I'll forget over the next year. Even now- I try to remember Noah at age two, and it all feels like a blur. Maybe it's because there was a newborn around?!

 I have made a small list "Deacon-isms" just for my own sake when I look back. 

Things I want to remember about Deacon:

“ Love you” is “NANU”. He has said it this way for months and I melt every time. I love to whisper “NANU Deacon" in his ear. He always smiles and says “NANU DADDY MOMMY BOAH.” It’s the best.

He is really into showing us things. “See owie Mommy?” “See green truck?” See is put in front of most sentences right now. It’s amazing to discover the world through his eyes.

He’s as good at bossing the dog as I am. “Sit bruiser. Stay. Stay. Stay.” "NO NO BRUISEE"

Deacon loves sunglasses. Matt was sitting on our dresser polishing his last night. Deacon grabbed some other sunglasses, a shirt that I had just folded, and climbed to sit right next to him. (No fear- he will climb anything). He was polishing away on these poor sunglasses that will never be the same. He had THE BIGGEST SMILE. This kid idolizes his daddy. He was also very proud of his work.

I have some other great things about Noah. I'll post next week! 

The face I get when he sees my camera pulled out and says "CHEEEESE"

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