Monday, November 16, 2015

Birthday Buddies

Can you believe it? These boys are TODDLERS. To celebrate the two sweet birthday buddies, Ashley and I hit up “Play Street” Plano which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Noah and Kaleb were at school/Spanish lessons, so the boys had mama-time all to themselves. (Matt's mom came too- which made it even more fun). 

Kyle and Deacon loved their special day. All the attention was focused on them- they could pick out any toy or activity. We watched them play together, go separate ways, and then meet back up. Over the past couple months, their friendship has really started to blossom outside of the big brothers. They both ask about each other often and love when we all get together. It's amazing to see. 

I am so grateful for both of them and what they have brought to our community of friends. The little brothers are bonded and this picture exemplifies it perfectly.

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