Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Getaway!

Matt, Noah, and I took a quick day trip to Fredericksburg yesterday to see my grandparents before our big move. It was such a blessing and a blast. They grilled us up some delicious pork chops and Noah was the entertainment. Noah loved that he could open their door and go from inside to outside whenever he wanted. It was so nice to sit down and chat after a long two weeks of packing and stressing. My grandparents have a beautiful new house that they bought in this past year. It was also very kid friendly, so I didn't have to do much chasing or monitoring!  The best part of this trip was watching Noah interact with my grandparents and their dog Jordan. Noah loved being held and getting all the attention. He thought that his great grandparents were very "cool"-Noah's new favorite word. 

Noah was confused whether Jordan was a cat or a dog.  I think the long fur and the butter fly ears threw him off. Noah is used to dogs with “oodle” in the name. Anyways, Noah wanted to be with the dog at all times and kept meowing at Jordan. Noah would pet him, chase him screaming “NOOO” (a.k.a. come back-don’t leave me) and try to feed Jordan his dog food. Noah also wanted Jordan to give him mouth kisses, but Jordan was a little overwhelmed to go that far. Jordan was so patient and very sweet to Noah. I love these pictures. You can tell the dood had the time of his life! 

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