Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Superdood Up to These Days?

I know the 20 month post is right around the corner, but I think if I used that post for all of Noah's new updates- it might be 3 pages long. I decided to do a small update now. Plus, I have these precious superman pictures that I've been dying to post- I EAT THIS BOY UP.

This month has been crazy in the development area for Noah. He has a new word almost every day. He is in a mimicking stage right now, so I think that has a lot to do with it. He wants to do exactly what mommy and daddy are doing- down to talking like them. I'll be in conversation with Matt- Noah obviously listening- and he will pull a word from what I am saying and say it over and over and over. Once he does that, I have to take that word and show him what to associate it with.

A couple of my favorite new word additions: Kaleb (KBOW), Nana (Matt's mom), Ahn (John- Leeann Watkins' husband), belt, Bevo (all longhorns and sounds more like BEBO), dude, oh cool, tattoo (Noah's definition - drawing on paper or himself), cracker, and the list goes on.

Matt has a new way to wake Noah up from his naps. He yells outside of his room "DOOD- wake up". Noah loves this! He responds- "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD"! It's the cutest thing ever.

Noah has become quite the tattoo artist. He hasn't tested out the walls (yet), but the dood loves to draw on himself. We have let him so far- that may change here shortly.

Noah talks about Kaleb constantly. Noah calls him baby Kbow and it's probably the sweetest thing ever. We did dinner with the Baker's last week and the dood could not stop hugging, kissing, and loving on Kaleb. Kaleb didn't mind, but he wasn't ready to reciprocate quite yet. He just looks at Noah like you crazy, boy. 

I will save the rest for next week on the 20 month update, but Noah brings so much joy! We constantly are amazed by how God is developing his little personality. He has a tender spirit. (Noah cried the other day because a little boy pushed him on purpose- the dood had no idea why he would do that for no reason.) 

Noah, we pray over you often and can't wait to see you grow in the role of a big brother. 

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