Thursday, June 20, 2013

Help from Nana

A contraption to help get rid of our fly problem
Matt's mom came down from Virginia to help us unpack this past week. I am so thankful- I don’t like to organize and with being pregnant, my energy dies fast. Matt and Laurie did almost everything. Noah's room is completely set up thanks to Laurie. Matt has been dominating the handy man projects and getting things like bathroom fan and gutters figured out. Now to get our room, office/study/peanut's room, and the pictures set up.
Noah's name on the wall
This week I was a photographer failure and only managed to take pictures one day. I blame it partly on the move, partly on pregnancy brain, and partly on exhaustion. I did manage to get a few good pictures, but I wish I would have documented better.
Kiss break during a daddy vs. son basketball game
To end the trip, Laurie treated Noah to a new basketball hoop. I can't tell who loves it more- Noah or Matt. 
He shoots - HE SCORES!!!
Throwing them 'bows
The happiest boy in town
The basketball boys!
I will post some house pics soon! We are loving DALLAS!

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