Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Toy

We have a SERIOUS case of "that toy" going around our house. It's a small orange and yellow truck that the dood holds from dawn until dusk. When he is having his diaper changed, taking a bath, eating dinner, walking running outside, and getting into everything else in between, Noah has the "uck" with him. He even likes to put it in his book shelf or dresser, shut the door, reopen it and start the process all over again. Kind of like a game of hide and seek- but Noah does the hiding and the seeking and the truck doesn't really get a choice as of where.
7:42 AM and look what is in his hand!
Matt's mom gave Noah this truck from Christmas, so I texted her yesterday to let her know what a hit it has been.  I said he LOVES it and she asked me if he tries to sleep with it. I laughed and thought- surely he would never try that, but you can bet your bottom dollar what he got upset about last night. As 8 pm rolled around, Matt started putting Noah down- Noah was determined that the truck should go to sleep with him too. He screamed when Matt put it on the shelf next to his bed. HE WANTED TO SLEEP WITH IT! 

2:54 pm and look what is still in his HAND

I guarantee when I hear his little morning babbles in the next 15 minutes that the first thing he will ask for as I pull his half sleepy smile out of bed will be his "UCCCCCCCCCCCCCK".
We will see how long this phase lasts. I can't say I mind it at all though. Watching him "vroom" this truck all around melts my heart and puts a smile on my face- EVEN if it's my face the car is driving up.

The drum stick is in one hand but we can all guess what it's in the other and this is 5:11 pm.

Happy Hump Day!

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