Saturday, January 5, 2013

14 Months Young

The dood is 14 months and growing like a weed. I can't wait until his 15 months appointment because I swear he has put on 5 pounds. I pick him up and the dood is HEAVY. We can't just toss him around anymore; it's a task to carry him.

My favorite 14 months development is Noah's love for kitties or as he likes to call them "ditties." We went through my old beanie baby collection, and we took a kitty home. He carries it around everywhere. It's the cutest thing ever.

We now have a climber on our hands. Noah is crafty with his climbing skills. He will push a present or a toy against something to use it as a stepping stool. It's amazing how his mind works. I caught him using a hanger to knock down a bottle on our dresser. Who taught him that?

Noah eats like a champ. He loves oranges and broccoli this month. He will eat broccoli plain. I love this, and I will continue to encourage it. Noah always wants to eat what I'm eating even if it's spicy. This month, he will chow on spicy black bean enchiladas. I wonder if I'm training his mouth to handle the heat. I am a wimp with spicy, but this kid has shown us that he loves it.

As for new words, he is saying thank you, thanks, all done and kitty. He walks to the kitchen and touches the refrigerator if he is thirsty and wants a bottle. He will raise his hands and say all done when he wants out of his highchair.

Noah still loves to be outside and could be out there all day long. He thinks it is a treat to throw away trash in our trashcan. We have caught him many times throwing away crumpled paper. We now monitor to make sure no valuables are going in there. We can hand him our banana peels or anything like that, tell him to put it in the trash, and he will immediately do so. Matt says the next task is getting the dood to take out the trash. I think we have a while for that.

More to come! Christmas photos and a great time with the Kaleb Baker! 

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