Monday, January 28, 2013

15 Months Old

Oh where to begin?The dood is like a sponge, he is absorbing everything.

On his own, Noah started telling us that he wants to go for a "walk".  He will approach to the door, touch it, and say "alk." It is so cute. Other words that he has added to his vocabulary this past month- rock, bird, up, truck, keys,  belly, and a lot of other unrecognizable noises (that I can sometimes decipher). He has own language but says the words he knows in context. I know certain noises mean certain things, but there sometimes I have no idea. Noah can understand a lot more words than he can say. I can ask him to bring me his shoes, socks, book, truck, car, bottle, blanket, and ball. He will (most of the time) do what I ask.

He can identify his belly, feet, head, ears, toes and nose. We are now working on booty and  arm muscles ( I want him to flex like a wrestler and say MUSCLES). Haha- I guess we should probably work on things like arms, legs, and lips. I don’t know how we decide what is next. I guess it's just easy things to point to.

He will tell you when he is all done eating, bring you his bottle when he is thirsty, and throw away any trash. His favorite thing to do is push around a car,truck, stroller, giraffe bike, or anything that has wheels. You will most often find him on our floor pushing around something making the "vroooooooom" noise.  Noah will take the truck up your leg and over your face. A phrase he often hears is "BE GENTLE."

As for food, Noah will eat just about anything. This month, I've notice that he loves meat. Chicken, turkey, and ground beef seem to be the favorites. My mom bought him raisins and he is obsessed. He loves picking them out of the little box one by one. It keeps him busy busy busy.

Noah was the perfect name for this little boy. He loves all animals. He has a magnet book of animals that he will play with for 30 minutes at a time (THAT'S A LONG TIME). We took him to Pets Mart and he was obsessed with all the reptiles and birds. He approaches every dog and cat with eagerness like they are his new best friend. 

We still have temper tantrums and spurts of pity parties. Matt and I just walk away and let him sort it out. Noah has a fake cry and a mad face- not my favorite development.

Noah will give spontaneous hugs and pats. He positions himself in my lap to read a book or show me a toy. He will also lay his head on my stomach or shoulder to be sweet. 

There is so much to say, but I'll cut it off now. I need to take some pictures of the acrobatic skills this kid has. It's incredible! 

This has been a big month. He has gone from baby to boy. We continue to count our blessings and love being parents. It is humbling to be responsible for such a precious little boy and shepard his heart towards the Truth. I find that I understand the sacrifice God made 1,000 times more now that I have a son of my own. Thank you Jesus for life! 

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  1. Man I can't believe he's 15 months. That just sounds crazy huh? Always such a fun sweet boy. :)