Saturday, December 1, 2012

13 Months Old

My boy is 13 months old and growing like a weed. It has been such a fun month with him; I feel like he is learning something new every day. If someone were to ask me two words to describe Noah RIGHT now, I would say affectionate and playful. If I hold out my hands and ask for a hug, Noah will come over and just squeeze me as tight as possible.  He loves to snuggle when he is trying to fall asleep and will stroke my face or pat my clothes as we are snuggling. Noah loves to be chased around the house. If you say “I’m going get you,” he starts running.  He loves climbing stairs, going down slides, throwing balls, dancing, and doing summersaults. He is constantly smiling and laughing. Noah thinks he is hilarious.

Hard to take photos of. He won't sit still!!!

Love this playful face he gave his Nana!
The little dood’s favorite food this month is blueberries. He can eat a carton in two or three days.  He knows the sounds a dog and a monkey makes. If you point to a picture, Noah will mimic those two animals. He recently started drinking out of a cup with a straw, and we are still working on a sippy cup. Some of the new words we have heard this month is “choo” (train noise) “moo” (for a cow) “gock” (for sock) “gog” (for dog) “guck” (for truck). Noah will try to put his own shoes on and loves to be outside more than anything. I’ve realized lately that I do not need to work out. I’m too busy chasing my toddler around the house. There seriously is never a dull moment.
Whose Number 1? Why Noah's Number 1! 

Favorite Hobby.
He continues to be a momma’s boy when he is tired or sick. He still throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. He does understand the word “no”, which I’m thankful for. Homeboy just doesn’t like to hear us tell him “no”.
I think he did this for two hours straight. Up and Down.

Mickey Mouse!

I think that pretty much sums up our last month with the nugget. I’m so thankful for him and all the joy he brings to our family.  

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  1. Oh My Goodness! I can't wait to see y'all today. Noah is such a cutie pie! Love this :)