Monday, December 17, 2012

Final 3 Facts and 4 Pictures

Now that Matt has finished up the last part of his fall semester as a Masters student (graduates in May….whoo hooo), he is home with Noah a good portion of the day. This is such a unique time in our life because the boys are getting A LOT of that daddy/son time that is so precious. I come home from work and Noah has the huge grin "of look what me and daddy did all day." Noah LOVES his daddy. 

Noah loves to have us smell his feet thanks to his daddy. Matt smells them and says "oooo stinky." Noah cracks up every time. It has now turned into this every time you change me I'm going to raise my foot up to your nose, so you'll sniff. Honestly, it is pretty stinky. Who knew baby's feet would stink? I'd like to say he got the smelly feet from his daddy, but I'm pretty sure it's me. I have a notorious sweaty foot when I wear work shoes (TMI?). 

Noah is attached to both Matt and me equally. It's such a blessing- he doesn't really prefer one over the other. He just wants us for different reasons- Matt to rough house with and me to snuggle. It's pretty cool because although we have a nanny, Noah still prefers us over anybody. When one of us comes home, he will wave bye to the nanny and never look back. If we leave Noah with the nanny, he cries and gets upset. We know he does love her, but he still would rather Matt or me be with him. 

I think this is it for picture posts. I have been slacking on taking day to day pictures, so I will get back to that and update the blog with what's been happening lately. Happy Monday. 

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  1. That is the sweetest baby/dada picture I've ever seen! Love it! These are all great photos!