Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Lessons Learned Thus Far

Sweet Little Smile!

Last post I talked about how Matt and I could write a book with all the lessons we have learned over these past 5 weeks having our little nugget Noah- I thought I’d share a couple of the things I’ve learned with the blog. Please take what you want or just enjoy the pictures!
One Swaddled Baby Burrito Thanks to Daddy!

First of all, I’ve learned how important family is. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have such an amazing family support system. It is truly incredible, and I hope to do the same for Noah (plus siblings) when they have a family of their own someday. Matt and I have been surrounded by love from both sides of our families. I truly feel like family is the glue that helps you put back together the pieces when you feel like your life is falling apart. With a newborn, there are some low times. With only sleeping a couple hours a night, recovering from the birth both mentally and physically, trying to breast feed and “latch” correctly, tending to a fussy baby who is crying for no reason, and maintaining piece of mind, you sometimes feel like quitting. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom. I LOVE Noah to the moon a back but being a mom is tough. It is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve experienced my entire life.  Without my family, I think this last month would have been over the top.
Cute Little Sleeper- Always Posing!

Second of all, girls out there, I REALLY, HIGHLY, TRULY, 100% recommend having your mom stay with you the first week or staying with her the first week after having a little nugget. It’s an exhausting and having your mom there is seriously the key to making it all better. Moms offer words of wisdom, laugh with you, cry with you, listen to your concerns, help when things seem impossible, take care of you, and feed you.  Moms have been there and know exactly how you feel. There is a bond with a mother and a daughter that is irreplaceable. There is no other relationship out there like it, so take advantage of your mom and enjoy the first week with her when you have a baby. It SERIOUSLY is the  best.
Thug Looking Pose! Love His Little Expressions!

Third of all (and most importantly), I have relearned again that God really is faithful and sovereign- He continues to provide even when I don’t know how it can be possible. Every day is a new day. I wake up having no idea what is in store and if surviving off of 2 hours of sleep is possible. I’m humbled daily when I look at Noah and try to grasp the miracle that he is.  God knows every hair on Noah’s head and knew about him before He created the Earth. I serve an intimate God who LOVES His people. He is the author of life and created Noah perfectly. Quiet times are tough when a baby is around. Honestly, it’s hard to shower, eat, and get out of pajamas when a baby is in the house, but every time I do have an opportunity to sit down and spend some time in the word, I’m blown away by what God has to show me. I’ve seen His new mercies every morning. I’ve seen the beauty of His plans. I am relearning again to trust His timing. I’ve seen that He is the author of light and in Him no darkness is found. I have relearned that with Christ, all things are possible.
Ok Mom! That's Enough Pictures for Now!

There are more lessons I’ve learned, but these are all I’ll share for now! More words will come later, I’m sure of it. Enjoy some new pictures. I can’t get enough of this cute boy even if he has damaged my beauty sleep!


  1. Oh Natalie, reading this post was like re-living my first month with Kade. LOTS of tears. LOTS of mental breakdowns. LOTS of wondering whether or not I could actually do this. LOTS of almost giving up on nursing. My mom stayed with us many nights that first month; and if she wasn't there, I was usually on the phone with her.
    That first month is tough. Even though you love that sweet baby so much, your world is upside down. It gets easier though! I promise!
    And it will get exponentially better once you start getting a decent amount of sleep. Seriously, read Babywise! And don't think of it as letting him "cry it out." Think of it as letting him teach himself how to go to sleep. That's how I got through the crying.
    I love reading about your adventures with Noah. Thanks for posting! It's so nice to know that other moms go through the same thing.

  2. andi- thank you for your words of encouragement. you taught me the repairman dance and now imparting your parenting knowledge. i love that we are mom's together. thank you for your words of wisdom. i'm so thankful for you!