Friday, December 9, 2011

Marriage and Babies

This week has been interesting to say the least. Both Matt and I have sinus infections which have been no fun. We have both been to the doctors and lets just say that z packs are our new best friend. We are doing well though- we are blessed and continue to grow as a family with taking care of our little nugget. I will say this- if you believe having a baby will make an unhappy marriage stronger/happier/ are wrong my friend. We believe having a baby is one of the greatest miracles and blessings we have ever experienced, but it is not easy on our marriage. Matt and I have to be really intentional with our time. When he sleeps, we try to watch shows, play games, catch up, and spend time together. Babies are high maintenance and fully dependent on their parents. It's awesome to watch as he grows and worth every moment of sleepless nights, but it's HARD sometimes.

I'm reading this great book and it recommends to continue to date your spouse even when the baby comes. I LOVE that recommendation and can definitely tell a difference when Matt and I have our date times compared to when we have been focusing constantly on Noah. My parents have wonderfully volunteered to watch Noah once a week for us, so we can have some quality time together. This past weekend Matt and I got to go to the Baylor UT game while my parents babysat Noah. IT WAS AWESOME. Baylor won- I was stoked -of course, Matt was bummed, but really the car ride was so much fun and the weather was rainy but perfect.

This weekend, my parents are going to watch Noah for the whole night and we are going to go stay at Barton Creek. We are PUMPED/ECSTATIC/THRILLED. They have a skating rink, holiday store, putt putt, gym, spa, and so much more. We are going to live it up (or maybe just sleep) haha. 

Happy Friday and hope you enjoy some pictures of "Dad and Lad" time at our little abode! Noah's belly looks is huge :)!

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