Thursday, December 8, 2011

Noah's New Friends

Noah has been meeting my besties slowly and surely...

Sharmada learned how to burp and feed a baby while visiting (Noah 101 Class) and Christine (baby expert) gave her some pointers and showed her really how to burp a baby. Noah thought they were great- he told me after they left!

Caroline is a super stud with babies. She and Noah became quick friends fast. Caroline sweetly volunteered last Friday to watch him, so Matt and I could go on a date. :) The Clems are very glad she has decided to stay in Texas until January. Beep Boop.

My brother got to hang out with his nephew over Thanksgiving. Daniel had meet Noah on skype the day after he was born, but this was the first time he got to hold him and feed him. Mayberry thought he might need some help, so she stuck around to watch. We can't wait for Daniel to come back from California next week. There is talk that he might even change his first diaper for Noah.

Noah has also met a couple other friends, but I forgot to take pictures- so next time I see them- I will! :)

Happy Thursday!

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