Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Fact Wednesday

10 Random Facts (plus pictures) we go....

1. Noah's nails were super long when he was born. When we left the doctor's, they said you can use a file, nail clippers or bite them yourself. We tried both the file- made the nails rough and uneven and the nail clippers- clipped his finger, so the third option is now how we take care of Noah's long nails. I bite them. I was always a nail biter as a kid so it doesn't phase me at all. Random- yes gross-yes.

2. I thought natural birth was having a v-back with an epidural. It turns out that it is v-back without an epidural. No thank you- no natural birth for this girl.

3. I did not take one parenting, birth, or breast feeding class. I tried reading a book and it freaked me out, so I stopped. I didn't even watch a labor video to see what they process looked like. I winged it and I'm glad I did. I youtubed the breathing technique right before we went into the hospital and that didn't help at all. I had too much pain before the epidural (my best friend) to really use the heee heee whoooo technique.

4. 10 percent of babies actually are born on their due date. Noah was so close- only a day late and I actually went to the hospital on his due date to have him, but they sent me home because I was not dilated enough.

5. My mom has composed a little doo did that she sings to Noah every time we are with her- (which is about once every day or other day, she or I always find an excuse to see each other). She told me she misses Noah when we aren't around. I miss her help and food, so it works out well.

6. Noah has a Baylor, UT, and University of Iowa onesie. It seems that he represents the family alma maters well. We now only need a Radford one. I'm very interested to see where he wants to go. I'm hoping the Baylor homecoming and parade plus the legend of RGIII pulls him to Waco.

7. Lord willing we have more kids, Matt and I have talked about having the boys names start with N and girls names start with M. Cheesy, I know, but I think it might be fun. Who knows though- we may just do random.

8. We had to get Noah special bottles because he gulps too fast. This boy can eat- he does not know his limits yet. The Dr. Brown bottles have been the best for this, and we are thankful for them. His tummy seems to bother him less when we use them. Little tummies is also a God sent. Any sign of tummy ache and this medicine seems to take away all tummy pain for our boy.

9. One nickname I have for Noah is Parmesan. Matt commented how his cheeks and breath always smell like parmesan cheese (due to the breast milk). My family now even thinks he smells like this. I'll be honest when I say, I don’t think of parmesan the same anymore.

10. My son looks like Mr. Magoo. My co-worker commented on that yesterday, and well, it’s official. I am admitting it. My son has a long lost brother who is a cartoon character. See the resemblance?

Posts to come....all of Noah's new friends and an update on what is going on at the Clem household!

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