Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me a least of non-necessities...

While we were thinking about the list yesterday, we realized we needed to make another list of “Things You Don’t Need” in the first month. These are things that we thought we would need or that we feel are overrated. Since we went “minimalist” (thanks Matt) on all of our baby supplies, we only have a top five for this list, but hopefully it helps you avoid wasting money on these things this early!
5. Playyard/Portable Crib-We were given one of these and it has been in our closet since the day we got it. I am so thankful we didn’t have to buy this J and I’m sure we’ll end up using it someday soon, but if someone were going to buy their own, I’d tell them to wait several months.

4. Newborn Clothes in General-Noah has already outgrown his newborn outfits (and he was a small baby). I would advise against buying more than a few of these, mainly because people will end up giving you lots of clothes and you’d probably rather spend your money on something that will last a little longer than a few weeks.

3. Crib-This list is for the first month only and if you’re in a similar situation as us, with living in a small place with no special designated baby room, a crib will be a nuisance and will just take up space. Noah slept on Herbert the giraffe for the first 7 weeks and is just now starting to sleep in the crib. If you’re in your own house and have your own little baby room, go for it. We also got a mini-crib (given to us!) and it is just fine. We don’t feel like we need a full-sized crib and opted not to get one of those cribs that folds out into different beds for financial reasons.

2. Crib Bumpers& Bedding-Currently they prohibit you from putting any bedding, blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals, toys (ANYTHING!) in the crib prior to the child being about 8 months old. If you’re on a tight budget, I’d strongly recommend waiting to buy any of these things. You still need a sheet to go over the mattress, but really that is it.

1. Newborn Snap Shirts-These are those outfits/shirts that snap over the front to protect his little belly button/umbilical cord before it’s fallen off. I insisted on purchasing some of these, but we ended up not using a single one!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and please feel free to contribute any more of your own “must haves” or "must not haves" for the first month!

First Family Photo-little did we know what all we would learn the first month of this nugget's life! (I look like death)

More posts to come!

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