Monday, December 26, 2011

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas.,.

My true love gave to me...a reason to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday Jesus! Wow, are we not blessed to serve such an amazing savior that He would become man and die so that we might live? Every day I am humbled to think of God’s sacrifice. I appreciate it even more now having a little son of my own. I cannot imagine giving him up-letting him become the weight of the world’s sin so that the world may know God personally and intimately.

The Clem family had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my parents. My mom made Beef Wellington and it was delicious. There was a lot of laughter and so many thoughtful gifts. Matt received the most handsome three piece suit. He looks studly (OK, I’m biased-he’s my hubby). Noah was SPOILED with tons of fun toys. His new favorite gadget is this bouncer. It seriously provides so much stimulation for the nugget. He smiles and goes crazy.

On Christmas morning, Matt and I opened gifts from his family and each other. Matt gave me the most precious necklace from James Avery- it has Noah’s birthstone-LOVE LOVE LOVE. Judi gave Matt this incredibly detailed family tree notebook- such a thoughtful gift. The history behind family is truly amazing-we have been looking over it every day. Noah has great genes. Matt’s mom gave Noah this precious blanket with a sheep pillow- it’s super soft and cuddly. Noah has taken many naps already on this little Larry the Lamb.

Everyone’s thoughtfulness and generosity continues to amaze us. Noah is SO spoiled. I will end on this note. Matt asked me my favorite gift this Christmas. It was an easy answer- Noah. We thank God daily that this little blessing came into our lives to stretch us, mold us, and most of all- make us laugh.

Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year! 2 month post to come soon! :)

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