Friday, June 30, 2017

First Trimester Recap with Baby Clem 2017

Y’all- I started to scroll back and see some old pictures of this sweet bump o' mine. I have realized a couple things:

1) I’ve rocked the messy hair look most of this pregnancy (fatigue or style? Y’all decide)

2) I am having a hard time believing my face was actually oval shaped at some point in the past 8 months. When I see pictures now, all I see is full moon. #hellopregnancycheeks

3) I love baby bumps. You know you are desperate for one when you’re trying to find something at five weeks and baby is size of an apple seed.

4) Bathroom selfies really aren’t that cute. This is mainly just for my own sake so I can look back 5 years down the road and take a trip down memory lane when I have a 10 year old, 8 year old, and 5 year old (maybe more?). HA! I also didn't realize at this point that I could recruit Noah for my weekly bump pictures outside. He's been super helpful and likes to do it. 

(5 weeks- hence cute caption I only did once. life got in the way)

(10 weeks- pretty sure last time I've straighten my hair)
(12 weeks)

(14 weeks)

(16 weeks- looks like I decided this was happening right after boys brushed their teeth)

The ten week bump looks the biggest to me. Weird. Maybe the dress?

Anyways, so thankful for these little pictures and the reminder of the miracle that's growing inside. 

Happy Friday! 

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