Wednesday, June 28, 2017

33: Five Friends & Family Fun

Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby:  Pineapple- baby weighs around 4 pounds and measures around 17 inches. Little love bug couple potentially grow a full inch this week. Baby is keeping eyes open while awake and starting to coordinate breathing with sucking/swallowing.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 26 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. I did wear a pair of normal jeans this week with maternity band. I was quite surprised they would still fit. This time around I feel like my weight gain has really been in my hips. I’ll be interested to see if that means GIRL come August!

Gender: Matt and I both guess boy. Brother bears guess girl (or say they want a sister when asked).  

Movement: There is lots of movement. It can be startling and painful, yet I LOVE IT! It’s such a sweet reminder of this healthy, thriving baby that continues to grow.  

Sleep: Hit or miss. My doctor recommended taking a Bendadryl every third or fourth night to help the sleep. It makes a big difference, and I will continue to do it to allow for some sound sleep until August. Another thing that I realized is a lot of the restlessness comes from the inability to get comfortable. I keep trying different pillow combinations to see if I can find something that works. It’s probably a lost cause, but I’m on a mission.

What I miss: Flexibility. Boys wanted to play card game on the floor. I opted for kitchen table. I am at the point where I can’t sit down comfortably and then really struggle to get up.

Cravings: Salad, PB&J (for breakfast), chocolate, apples, cherries, bananas, hamburgers

Symptoms: hip/join pain, sun spots, feet/hand swelling, insomnia, clumsiness, hot flashes, midnight bathroom runs, round ligament pain

Best Moment This Week:  We had my best friend’s three boys spend the night Friday night and it was so much fun. The boys were up until 11 (YIKES) and then rise and shine at 6 am (more YIKES), but we all loved it. There was lots of sword fights, lego battles, dance parties, hot/cold, and Matt even recruited them to pull some weeds. Matt had a “friendly” competition between the four older boys to see who could pull the most weeds and earn a special treat. It turned into quite the competition. The oldest boy went home and asked his mom if they could have weed pulling contests at their new house.  #success 

Their fifteen month old loved our dog Bruiser. It was so much fun to watch. Bruiser hasn't really done little kids for a while, so it was good for us to see glimpses of what it will be like with Baby Clem. We loved having all five boys under one roof. 

I didn't take any pictures from that night, but here was a fun family night we had to celebrate crushing some house updates. I wore a nice dress, so Noah decided he wanted to look fancy with a bow-tie. Deacon followed suit, and they looked so handsome. I'm so thankful for this sweet family of mine. 

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