Thursday, June 22, 2017

Noah Update: 5.5

Noah is 5 ½ and forever my first baby. That doesn’t mean he looks like my baby anymore. Guys, the little toddler chub is gone and he’s got muscle. There is calf definition- no more cankles. His face has matured so much over the past six months; we get comments on it all the time.

1)  Adult- this kid is an adult stuck in a kid’s body. At lunch on Sunday, Noah told his that he finds the most peace when he’s in the office building with his Legos and nobody is around to ask him questions. Who talks about their peaceful place? I don’t even know that I could identify mine!

2)  Social Butterfly- Noah walks out of most places having made a new friend. Whether it’s the attendant at Costco or the stylist at Floyd 49, Noah will talk to anyone and has no problem carrying on a conversation. At school or summer camps, he always comes home telling us about his new friends and what they did. He really hasn’t met a stranger.

3)  Competitor- Noah hates to lose. From board games to swimming, Noah loves to win and may cheat a little if it means the outcome will be more in his favor. Deacon often tells him “it’s not a race Noah”. Noah will turn every day activities into all out competitions where medals should be awarded. He loves sports!

4)  Jesus- Noah’s faith and understanding of who God is continues to deepen. He asks very thought provoking questions that leave me “googling” or saying “I’m not sure buddy” more often than not. Last week he asked me how Noah and Moses went to heaven because Jesus hadn’t died and rose again yet. It was a great opportunity to talk about sacrifices and Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice for our bad choices, but I still was left so shocked trying to explain such a deep concept to a 5 ½ year old.

5)  Mama’s boy- I don’t know if this will ever change. He’s always been a mama’s boy and still is. Don’t get me wrong, he loves Matt and will forever seek to earn his approval. He wants to speak/walk/be Matt. Noah just LOVES his mama. It might be that our personalities are VERY similar, but it’s hard to know.  He has a tender way with me that really softens my soul. He already tries to protect and comfort me. He encourages me and can’t get enough of my snuggles. There are no complaints here.

6)  Spelling Bee- Noah loves to spell. He calls Matt “D A D”- like spells it out. Even in the grocery store yelling down an aisle, he was calling out “D A D”. HA! Quite a few heads turned trying to figure out why the word Dad was being spelled out.  He is constantly grabbing a notepad and trying to write us notes or copy down a page from a book. Montessori way encourages phonetic spelling, so a lot of times it takes him to guide us on what he wrote out. It’s a start though, and I’m proud! Deacon has been trying to mimic this, so it’s funny to see what he comes up with while trying to be like Noah.

Come August, he will bet the BIGGEST brother and is eager to step into this role. I’m so thankful for him and his heart. 

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