Tuesday, June 20, 2017

32: Home Run

Along: 32 weeks

Size of baby:  Napa Cabbage- all five of baby’s senses are developed and his/her dream-cycle sleep has begun. Baby sucks his/her thumb in the womb and swims like crazy. According to an article I read, 90% of babies born in the 32nd week survive. Sweet comfort I don’t take for granted with the miracle growing inside of me.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 24 pounds? I find out tomorrow

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, everything is maternity minus my workout clothes. It’s just more comfortable at this point to have loose fitting or stretchable clothing.  

Gender: I feel like all the families I know that have had two of the same gender- keep having a third of the same gender. There definitely are some exceptions, but lately- that’s been the noticeable trend amongt our friends.

We also don’t have a boy name, so I’m fairly certain it has to be boy. Things are always complicated right? Our issue is finding a name we a) like as much as the boys’ names b) goes with the boys’ names c) doesn’t sound too similar to boys’ names

Yep. Complicated.

Movement: There is so much movement. Baby had hiccups yesterday and Matt felt it going every couple seconds. It was super sweet.

Sleep: The 3am-5am insomnia stretch gets me most nights. I’ve decided to read, pray, and just let my body fall back asleep when it’s ready. I don’t get up, but I also just don’t lay there. I find I’m a much happier person the next morning if I don’t stress for two hours about being awake.     

What I miss: Ease of movement- hard for me to sit for long periods and also stand for long periods. I miss cold weather. I think this summer heat will be a challenge 8 months pregnant.  

Cravings: Salad, Mangos/Citrus fruit, Gatorade, Chocolate, Bananas

Symptoms: swollen hands and feet, feeling full fast, sun spots, tailbone and backaches, small bladder

I mentioned to my doctor all the cramping I was getting in my legs/feet in the middle of the night (Charlie horses). She recommended taking a magnesium supplement. Since I started taking that last week, I have not had any incidents at night with my legs or feet. I’m so thankful because those are SO painful.

Best Moment This Week:  Noah had what he calls a “home run” in his baseball game. The joy of watching him run those baseballs and the pride of scoring a run was priceless. We also had a garage sale this weekend. It was great to lessen our load for the big move. It also provided a lot of different questions from the boys and allowed us to teach them the value of a dollar. Matt worked really hard in the heat to get it all set up and stayed out there from 8-4pm. Thankful he serves are family so well when this pregnant mama has to take breaks. 

my favorites.

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