Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sweet as Pie Brothers

The gift of a sibling is such a beautiful thing. I never knew how wonderful it would be to watch two of our creations love each other so much. I know I said I’d post some more snow pictures, but I wanted to share these.  

My heart explodes as I watch these two brothers develop such a sweet bond of brotherhood. They will forever be brothers, best friends, companions, competitors, compadres, and Clems.

This relationship has really developed over the past month, and they are thick as thieves.

I’ve never seen so much wrestling, laughing, chasing, tickling, teasing, and loving. There are hugs, kisses, and bites to go around. 

I mean seriously....

There is nothing better than being a mother to two sweet as pie brothers.

I melt. 

(Disregard that cage in the background. Ahhhh.... the joys of redoing our backyard. Who puts a cage on an AC Unit? I mean seriously)

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