Monday, April 13, 2015

Noah Says Anything

Conversations with our three year old lately….

On a bike ride around our local lake…
Noah- Dad, was that a flamingo?
Matt- No, that bird was white.
Noah- Dad are flamingos pink?
Matt- Yes
Noah- That flamingo was white. Dad, Can flamingos be white?
Matt- No, flamingos are pink.
Noah- Dad, that was white. Flamingos can be pink and white, right?
Matt- silence…..

Noah- Mom, I need that roller. My muscles are really sore.
Me- Why are they sore?
Noah- Jesus took them.
Me- Where did he take them?
Noah- For a robot or something. I don’t know.

Me- Matt is my husband.
Noah- Deacon is my husband…
Me- Noah, Deacon is your brother. You will have a wife.
Noah- No, Deacon is my husband. Then walks off proceeding to call Deacon his husband that rest of the night…….
This boy loves to prove us wrong.

One liners.....

Mom, can I marry you when I get big? 

Mom, I can't touch the gearshift or the car will roll away and the policeman will come take me away.

There are more but somehow Deacon deleted them off my phone. After this deadline, I'll figure out how to restore. Womp Womp.

Happy early Monday! 

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