Thursday, April 23, 2015

FOUR about ME


This blog is mostly about my kiddos, but I thought this might be a fun change of pace. Here are some fun facts about me.  

Four Nicknames

1. Nat
2. Natsy
3. Bud
4. Nattles or Noodles

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Camp Counselor at Laity Lodge 
2. Accountant for PMB Helin Donovan
3. Accountant for SLRCPA
4. Waitress for Cheddars

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1. Now and Then
2. A League of Their Own
3. Goonies
4. Pitch Perfect

Four Things in My Purse

1. Gum
2. Keys
3. Make-up
4. Checkbook

Four Cars I’ve owned

1. Chevy Blazer
2. Chevy Tahoe
3. Chevy Malibu
4. Pontiac Vibe

(my parents love Chevy, so you can notice the trend above) 

Four Places I've Lived

1. Austin, TX
2. Waco, TX
3. Lusaka, Zambia (6 weeks- surely this counts?)
4. Dallas, TX

Four Places I've Visited

1. Alaska
2. Great Britain
3. Costa Rica
4. Canada

Four Places on My Bucket List

1. Australia
2. Hawaii
3. Twain
4. Austria

Four of My Favorite Foods

1. Ice Cream
2. Central Market Mac N Cheese 
3. Jason’s Deli Turkey Wrap
4. Salad 

Four Things I'd Never Eat

1. Mussels
2. Caviar
3. Sauerkraut
4. Bratwurst  

Four Books I'd Recommend

1. Harry Potter Series
2. The Help
3. Jane Eyre 
4. Mark of the Lion Series (really anything Francine Rivers)

Four TV Shows I Watch

1. Nashville 
2. Parenthood
3. Suits
4. American Idol (sad confession, but JLo, Harry, and Keith are super fun...I promise)

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2015

1. Our trip to visit family both on East and West Coast
2. Noah starting school in August
3. Weddings in October for my best friend and cousin 
4. Bachelorette weekend at the beach

And then

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