Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Noah Says Bike Edition

Big brother- I'm so proud of you. You have mastered Deacon's bike (pictured below) and have moved on to bigger and better things. Daddy pulled out your bike that's one size bigger and you are doing AWESOME. You are becoming quite coordinated and quite confident. *Pictures to come. I will note that you are still cautious like your mama and I love you for that. Dad and I had so much fun cheering you on this weekend as you were mastering turns and going "super fast". Thank you Jesus for our beautiful weather.   

I should put a side note on this post. When little brother hops on a bike in about t-minus six months, watch out world. He’s already trying to ride it standing on the seat. Oy-vei. He's got the daredevil in him. 

Anyways, here are so super cute quotes from the big brother as of lately. 

Me- Noah, tell me a story.
Noah- I don’t have any.
Me-Well....you can think of one.
Noah- I only have one think so I can’t.

Noah- Mom, do you know why I stretch when I can’t sleep?
Me- Why?
Noah- So I can think about things.
Me- What do you think about?
Noah- Nofing. 

Noah- Are these PJ pants?
Me- No, they are sweat pants.
Noah- SO I CAN GET ALL SWEATY? (yes, all boy.)

Noah- Ms. Rachel, why does it rain?
Rachel- Noah, why do you think?
Noah- Oh yeah, I know- to give elephants water

Noah- I wonder if Jesus fell in a rose bush- that’s why he has thorns on his head. 

That's all I have for now- Noah you are full of many questions and so much wisdom- I cannot stand it.

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