Monday, November 7, 2011

Noah's Story- Recap of Our Past Week with Our Little Nugget

Noah is ten days old, and I can hardly believe it. He is growing a lot already and eats like a champ. He continues to amaze us by his personality that he is already displaying. He's quite the charmer if I do say so myself. Yes- once again- completely biased. Noah is a wonderful gift from God. We continue to count our blessings and praise Him for His faithfulness in providing such a healthy little boy.

Anyways, here is what our last week looked like. Matt and I stayed with my parents until Thursday. They were so much help- we are beyond blessed. During the graveyard shift, my mom and I watched probably 20 movies- E.T., Braveheart, Poseidon Adventure, Cool Runnings, you name it- we watched it. It was a wonderful stay at the "Boysen Hotel" and precious time with my family that I will never forget. My mom's motto was that her and my dad would take care of Matt and me, so that we could take care of Noah. They did exactly that. Since coming home to our apartment, Noah has been more fussy. I think that he was still tired from the birth and all the excitement of blood work, circumcision, and hospital time that he was all tuckered out the first five days of his life. Now, at day 10, he isn't as tired. He has developed this habit of wanting to be awake from 10 pm to 2 am every night. This makes it hard on the parents because of course by the end of the day, we are ready to sleep during that shift. We are working on trying to keep him more awake during around 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. so by the time that graveyard shift comes around, he's exhausted. It is a work in progress.Matt has been nothing but helpful. Last night, I was exhausted.  To be honest, I looked like a hot mess. Despite having class and tests and quizzes, Matt took the graveyard shift. Boy, was I thankful! I slept from 7:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m- this is a lot of sleep for a woman with a new baby. It was blissful and wonderful. I felt like a new woman. Matt continues to change more diapers, wash all the dishes/bottles, and take care of me. I've decided that helpful husbands are key to making it work with a brand new baby.

Anyways, on Friday, Luke and Ashley drove to Austin to come spend time with Noah. It was so much fun, Luke even got to experience the joys of having a boy and changing a diaper mid pee. Noah has perfect timing and loves to pee while he is being changed- Luke thought this was hilarious. We can't wait until their little boy arrives- I'm sure he will be just as good at aiming as Noah. :) I loved getting to spend time with Ashley and discuss all the details of pregnancy and birth that nobody tells you. In February, Matt and I plan on being at the birth of their boy. I'm counting down the days until Noah's brother from another mother arrives. Click here to see her blog. They left on Saturday morning to head to Waco for homecoming. It was a short visit, but we loved getting to see them.

On Saturday morning, my dad and Matt gave Noah his first bath. It was a successful wash with a very unhappy baby. He does not like to be wet or cold. Changing his diaper is probably his worse enemy, yet he hates when his diaper is wet, so he is fussy either way. Ironic- yes, I think so. On Saturday night, my best accounting buddy and her boyfriend came into town and got to meet our little nugget. Noah was an angel when they were here. He slept most of the time and even let us enjoy a delicious dinner at a new Mexican restaurant called Hugo's. Sunday, Matt and I hung out with Noah at our apartment and then headed over to my parents for dinner with my Aunt Angie. It has been wonderful to introduce Noah to all our friends and family and we cannot wait to continue to do so. Speaking of, tomorrow, Matt's mom and step dad arrive! Noah is very excited to meet his Nana and Pop Pop. We have another exciting week ahead. I will keep you posted!

 Isn't he a cutie patootie?! :) I was bad about taking pictures with Noah and our guests. I will get better!

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