Saturday, November 12, 2011

Noah Walker's Two Week Update

On Thursday, Matt and I headed to the pedi for Noah's two week check up. Boy, was it an adventure! He now weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces. I asked the nurse if his weight gain was normal and she replied that she was very impressed with how he was doing. The pediatrician hopes when babies come for the two week check up that they are at the birth weight (which would have been 6 pounds 15 ounces for Noah). Oh no, Noah is eating us out of house. He has gained over a pound since returning home from the hospital. Noah has also grown half an inch-he now measures at 21 inches. This puts Noah in the 75th percentile in height and 50th percentile in weight. Matt and I are proud of our growing boy!

To top this visit off, Noah decided to provide some humor for the office. As the nurse was carrying him (naked) from the scale back to the check up room, we hear one of the other nurses tell our nurse that she was too trusting of a naked boy. Yes, she was too trusting. Noah proceeded within two second of her saying that to pee all over her scrubs, all over the floor, and all over the check up room. I then casually say to the nurse, I'm sure this happens to you all the time. She looked at me with a huge smile and said that she actually had never been so soaked, usually, it's just a couple drops.  Nice job Noah. Way to leave a good second impression.  I think the nurse learned her lesson; I doubt she will ever be trusting of Noah when we go back.

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