Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Noah's Halloween

BOO! Happy Halloween!

Matt and I had a wonderful Halloween at my parents. Matt and I woke up and watched Tarzan with Grammy Tammy and Noah-it had been years since we had seen it. We all love the part with the elephant that won't get into the water and so cutely says "Are you sure this water is sanitary? Looks pretty questionable to me?"

After we hung out for a while, Matt headed to class and my parents and I took Noah on his first walk around the block. He LOVED it. He's a great car rider and seems to enjoy motion so I wasn't surprised. He soaked up some sun and slept the whole way. Afterwards my family and I headed to Baby R US. We had a couple things to pick up that had been on back order, and I was going slightly stir crazy, so it was great timing. Noah did perfect. He slept the entire field trip until the very end when he got hungry. Mom and I headed to the car to feed him and the fussiness was fixed. He's the most patient, sweet baby. He is constantly melting my heart- along with Matt's.

After the outing, Matt came back from class. We had received some wonderful presents at the apartment, so he brought them to share at my parents. My firm sent us a precious cookie bouquet, Matt's aunt sent some cutie patootie clothing, and other family members sent the most thoughtful cards. To put it lightly, Matt and I have felt so loved. We feel like we are surrounded by this thoughtful bubble of friends and family who continue to go above and beyond to support, love, and pray for us.

Matt built Noah's new swing and we left him to enjoy that most of the night. Swings are a must for a new born baby, something I think that everybody should spend time to invest in. Swings provide great entertainment and rock the baby to sleep.
Noah is sleeping great. He needs fed about every 4 hours during the night. He's very patient and not fussy. We have had two hilarious experiences of getting peed on. It always provides laughter, and we are learning how to properly change a diaper without Noah getting the squirts. I'd say for day 4-we are doing just great.

Enjoy these pictures. Let's just say we have taken over 120 pictures in the past four days- all of Noah plus friends. We might be a little more than obsessed. He's just too wonderful and the Clem family now feels complete.

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