Saturday, November 19, 2011

Noah, You are Loved

Over these past couple weeks, kindness has been poured out over my family-Noah has been showered with love. With the wonderful cards, encouraging emails, gifts, letters, phone calls, delicious meals and baked goods, we are floored by the amazing generosity of our community, friends, and family. Noah Walker- you sir are LOVED!

Here are some pictures of those who have stopped by to visit our nugget.

My Co-Worker and Friend Jaclyn who came to see Noah at the hospital the day after he was born.

Noah and Great Grandma Pat on the Saturday the hospital sent us home!

Great Grandpa Dave and Noah being boys when Noah was only 3 days old.

Best Friend from high school, Whitney, who stopped by last night- brought pumpkin bread and enjoyed some sentimental moments with us :)

The Baby Whisperer Dan- Noah fell asleep in his arms last night when Dan and Whitney came to visit! Dan always told me he didn't like babies, but Dan, you have a gift! Noah thought you were great.

Nana- Matt's mom who came to town these past nine days with Pop Pop (Matt's step dad) to hang out with Noah!

Matt's brother Aaron who came all the way from Radford for a quick weekend visit!
The Clems love visitors and can't wait to introduce our blessing to more friends and family. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. We feel beyond blessed to have such a healthy, strong little boy.

Love, Natalie :)

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