Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baby Clem #3- Old Wives Tales

I always enjoy looking back at things like this, so I decided to document the old wives tales for Clem baby #3.

#1: The Linea Nigra -if the line continues above your belly button, you’re having a boy. If it finishes below your belly button, you have a girl bun in your oven. – BOY

#2: Carrying High Or Low – Low, so BOY

#3: The Feel Of Your Skin Carrying a boy is said to give you dry skin or smooth skin if girl. Dry-BOY

#4: It’s All In The Heart - above 140 ppm means you’re having a girl, and lower than 140 bpm means it’s a boy. -  We have been all over the charts on this one- BOY/GIRL

#5: Truth Or Hair It’s all in the hair, apparently. If your hair becomes thick and glossy, and you can’t make it down the street without being stopped by a modelling scout, you’re carrying a boy. If your hair is so dull and limp that you look like you’ve been without running water for quite some time, it’s a girl. BOY

#6: No Time To Weight - According to an old wives’ tale, if you’re carrying all of your extra weight out front, it’s a boy. If those pregnancy pounds are piling on all over, you might be expecting a daughter. GIRL 

 #7: It’s All About The Taste - chocolate and desserts all hint that baby is girl. Salty or sour foods could be an indication that you’re carrying a son. GIRL
#8: No Easy Feet - If you are suffering from a bad case of the cold feet now that you’re pregnant, you might be expecting a boy. If your feet are as warm as ever, you might be carrying a girl.  GIRL

#9: Spot On- Acne during pregnancy hints that you’re having a girl. A perfect complexion could be a sign that you’re expecting a boy. GIRL (unfortunately)

#10: Ball About The Bump This one is quite niche. If folks keep stopping you, to comment on how closely your bump resembles a basketball, you’re having a boy. If basketball players keep trying to dribble off with your bump, you could be expecting a girl. – GIRL

#11- Morning Sickness- If you have head over toilet bowl for first 12 weeks- girl. If you escape this, boy. BOY

Alright y’all, this looks like 50/50 to me! I added some of our maternity pics to this post too. Our sweet nanny and friend over the past four years took these this week and I'm obsessed. This third baby is our miracle, and I could not be more excited to meet him/her in the next couple weeks.

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