Friday, July 21, 2017

36: Moving Out & Maternity Pictures

Along: 36 weeks

Size of baby:  Roman Lettuce- baby is around 19 inches and 5-6 lbs. Baby is putting on about an ounce a day. His/her kidneys and liver are in working order along with circulation/immune system.   

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 30.5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I’m loving all maternity dresses right now.  Pants and the heat sound like a terrible combination at all times.

Gender: Surprise! Baby’s heartbeat was at 138 this week. I did a little “old wives tale post” to see what it could reveal. It came out about 50/50. I didn’t mention the Chinese calendar predictor which points to BOY, so maybe that’s the tie breaker?

We still don’t have boy name, but we are pretty settled on girl which we will keep a secret until baby shows his/her face. We joke it would be easier if it was a girl just because we have a name, but we really are so happy to have either!

Movement: Big movements along with hiccups. It can be painful, but I love the reminder of baby growing and thriving inside my womb.

Sleep: The boys both got croup this week, so sleep has been lacking just with sick kiddos, Texas heat, and difficult getting comfortable. I’m glad we are getting it out of our system now and now when baby arrives. Germs- stay away please and thank you!  

What I miss: Energy and Patience. These two things have been lacking this week, but it also may be tied to putting our house on market and Matt’s dissertation defense. This is a big week at our house.   

Cravings: all things cold- water, juice, ice cream. I would say I can always go for a bowl of fruit- grapes, cherries, pears, apples, bananas, and most of all- blueberries. I’ve also been crushing some candied pecans and yogurt covered pretzels as well.  

Symptoms: Braxton hicks, sciatica, circulation issues (hands swelling, feet numb if sit in certain positions), long/strong finger nails, sunspots, and small bladder

Best Moment This Week:  I’d say although stressful, getting our house ready for sale and just watching the Lord move through this whole process has been super sweet this week. Y’all, Matt and I have been complaining about a dead tree in our neighbor’s yard for years. We woke up one morning this week and it was gone. It’s the little things that remind me God loves details and is in charge of everything.

I should also mention pictures are my love language, so the opportunity to get us all dressed up and head to one of our favorite spots completely filled my cup. I love watching the boys grow and having this same sweet photographer do them over the past two years- it's been such a joy. I had to add a couple more below just because!  

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  1. OK, I was thinking girl because of the 153 heart rate in a previous post, but 138... I'm not so sure! Haha. SO excited to see who you have been growing in there!