Thursday, April 27, 2017

24 Weeks: Age of Viability

Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is size of garden eggplant. Our baby is starting to develop taste buds. His/her lungs are developing significantly from all the breathing practice. The ears and fingernails are completely grown now. All just crazy miraculous things- so amazing!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 pounds

Maternity Clothes:  Texas has had a wave of cooler weather this week, so I’ve tried to wear certain items I know will be weeded out come summer. I’ve done a mixture of maternity/non-maternity. Most tops have to be large and flowy to still fit if not maternity.

I also bought two new pairs of maternity shorts that will get lots of use come summer. I didn’t really need with Noah/Deacon, so this was a fun new first for me.  

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine! I think most days I would say boy, but I still have some symptoms that I didn’t experience with our older boys that makes me think there is a SLIGHT chance for girl.

Movement: This baby is definitely a mover and shaker that gets hiccups often. None of the boys have felt the kicks/jabs yet. It’s always really early in the morning or while I’m at the office that I feel the most action going on in the belly.  I love it- one of those things I always miss after I have my babies. There is nothing sweeter than feeling the baby move and grow.

Sleep: I fall asleep easy which I’m thankful for – the fatigue is a real struggle. I still have the insomnia around 3-5 am, but that’s old news. I try to switch sides during the night, so that I don’t wake up with one hip super sore. It’s a challenge.

What I miss: I’m in the "always hungry stage", so I miss feeling full. The appetite has kicked up a notch this week and I feel like I’m constantly thinking about my next snack or meal!

Cravings: chocolate, chicken salad sandwiches, salad in general, breakfast tacos and yogurt parfaits

Symptoms: tailbone pain, exhaustion, itchy skin, crazy emotions

Best Moment This Week:  On Wednesday, I was over everything. I didn’t feel well and just had no energy to take care of anyone (myself included). Matt came home and stepped in. He made dinner, did all the dishes, and helped with our night time routine. I’m very thankful for him and all the support during this pregnancy. I would say my thought process is not always logical or rational. He’s quick to offer grace and loves our family well. I can’t wait to see what little personality our new baby brings to our family and all the joy that will be shared between us all!

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