Friday, May 12, 2017

Deacon Update: 3.5

This sweetie of mine is 3 ½ and seriously pure joy.  I mostly write this blog as a scrapbook for me/us to look back and remember on. Here are some things that we love about our Deacon Matthew at this super FUN age.

Sense of Style- this kid loves fashion. Today, he picked out a polo, bow tie, long socks, Baylor slime hat, and basketball shoes to wear to school. He likes pants that are cozy (fleece) and loves to match Noah.  

Art abilities- He will color with me for hours. He paints daily at school and comes home with elaborate explanations as to what each illustration is about. Almost all of the paintings have the color orange because it’s his favorite.  (He’ll include yellow a lot as well, since it’s MY favorite).

Tender spirit- This kid is tough as nails (split lip with a couple tears, four stitches later and really no complaining). BUT if you look at him the wrong way or raise your voice- he gets very sad.  He does not like to get in trouble.

Clean- HE LOVES TO CLEAN! Making his bed all nice is his love language. He will ask to wash windows and wipe down tables. Thank you Montessori because his big brother surely doesn’t have these desires. Deacon is very neat and tidy.

Soccer Stud- homeboy loves to play soccer. He loves practice and games as much as his brother even though he’s on the sidelines with Matt. He is very coordinated and has a quick first step. Can’t wait when he’s four and can join in!

Flexible Eater- Deacon is at the stage where he will pretty much try everything. At a craw fish boil, he did politely decline eating what he just had held and raced outside earlier that afternoon but as far as vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.- he’s all in. At his class tea party today, he ate the herbs (mint, sage) and liked it! He requested cucumber in his lunch for school as well. Both boys also really enjoy eating seaweed much to Matt and my dismay. I buy it at Costco in bulk and they’ll snack on it like chips. YIKES!

Nervous about Darth Vader.....

That’s all for now! I’ll give Noah a six point shout out next week. Happy Weekend! 

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