Thursday, May 11, 2017

26: BabyBump Update

Along: 26 weeks

Size of baby:  Head of lettuce- baby is working on getting immune system ready for life outside of my body- soaking up antibodies. His/her eyes are beginning to open.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16-19 pounds- I don’t have any idea. I read somewhere that I should gain between 16-22 pounds at this point. I’m going to guess that’s about right.  

Maternity Clothes: I am still able to do a mixture. I was gifted some maternity tops from a co-worker who just had a baby girl. I know they will get a lot of use come summer. I have an outfit on today that fit great two weeks ago. Today, it is much tighter. It is fun to see a comparison and the change in just two weeks. 

Gender: We will all know come August. Noah has asked for me to find out on Monday (our second sonogram) because he needs to know. He said his teachers are asking and he’d like to tell them- that was the main reason for the urgency. I guess it’s safe to say that biggest brother doesn’t really dig the surprise.

Movement: Love this part of my pregnancy- feeling the baby a lot and just really reminded the miracle growing inside of me. Deacon felt baby kick on 5-10. Noah hasn’t yet, but I can’t wait until he does.

Sleep: I have a sinus infection/horrible allergies so this has been rough. I am hoping it will all clear before we take the boys on vacation next week.

What I miss: NyQuil, I’d like some strong medicine right now. With pregnancy, I’m much more limited on what I can take. I’m just trying to weather the storm.

Cravings: ice cream, cold water, barbecue with pickles

Symptoms: hip pain, fatigue, light headed, irritability, insomnia

Best Moment This Week:  Noah learned about the Holy Spirit on Sunday and has been talking constantly about the Pentecost (which is June 4th this year). He explained to me that when we feel that thump on our heart as we are about to make a bad choice, that’s the Holy Spirit working on us. Noah told me he had felt that before and was just very excited to talk about what that meant to him and his life. All of this conversation was unprompted and completely lead by him. As a mom who prays over her kids daily, my heart was so full to see the joy and excitement in Noah’s words. Matt and I do not take shepherding his heart lightly, and as he is discovering the truth about the cross- there is simply nothing more beautiful or joyful.

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