Wednesday, May 24, 2017

28: CA Adventures!

Along: 28 weeks- it looks like I'm smuggling a basketball under my shirt 

Size of baby:  Coconut- he/she weighs about 2.5 pounds. Baby’s bones are almost fully developed but still soft. The brain will increase 400% to 500% in weight from now until delivery- such a miracle. (PS- love bug’s head was measuring two weeks ahead at the sonogram- pretty typical of my babies- big brains!!!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20ish

Maternity Clothes: Yes- purchased a maternity swim suit top to wear while at the beach and love my new maternity shorts. I still wear a mixture of both, but I don’t know how much longer that will last.

Gender: The consensus is boy with most people we talk to or meet. Matt and I both guess boy, but we will find out come early August.   

Movement: Baby moves all the time. It's one of my top three favorite things about pregnancy. It’s such a sweet special bond that cannot be replicated, and I’m so very thankful for it. The movements are not painful yet, but it can be uncomfortable while sleeping.   

Sleep: Nothing new here- I fall into the insomnia category while pregnant and rock it like a champion.

What I miss: I couldn’t some rides at Disneyland last week. I don’t necessarily miss roller coasters- my answer is kind of misleading. I knew that I would be benched for some rides- but sitting out was a change for me. I am used to riding anything that doesn’t involve a spin motion (I have horrible motion sickness). Matt and I both like heights as far as rides, so not pregnant, we would have both done them together. I missed getting to experience it with Noah and Matt, but it will be that much sweeter when Deacon is tall enough and we can all go together! 

I should say- I did love living vicariously through Noah and Matt as they rode anything that was open. They loved it and got to share some special moments conquering rides together.   

Cravings: any type of cold crisp salad, fruit, and dessert  

Symptoms: insomnia, joint aches, poor circulation in my feet, and fatigue  

Best Moment This Week:  All things California- what a great vacation. God provides! With the boys being 3.5 & 5.5, this vacation was such a delight. We had no tears, no temper tantrums, and so much fun. We cherished our time with Matt’s mom and grandparents. The boys loved Matt’s cousins and all things Disney, beach, and pool related. They didn’t want to leave ( and neither did we). Despite lack of sleep and going 100 miles an hour each day, these boys could not get enough of the family and fun.

I’m going to do a post on our Disney experience later. It was “YES” day and one of my favorite memories to date as a parent. The boys participated in Jedi Training and it was so awesome. There is nothing like watching your boys soak up every moment of fighting Darth Vader and practicing “the force”. We spent 14 hours (that’s right, 14 hours) in that park and soaked it all up. Disneyland really is one of the happiest places on earth. What a trip!

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