Sunday, January 11, 2015


Photography is like retail therapy for me. I shop through the pictures, edit them, and pick out my favorites. I then giggle, laugh, and smile- enjoying all the sweet moments captured. 

On Sunday, Matt and I took some pictures of our boys- it had been TOO long. Note to self- we need to do this more often-for real. 

Side note- I realized how little "extra time" our family has right now when I filled out a survey for my mom's neighborhood group and they asked what super power I would choose. I said personal multiplication. I wish there were three of me to study the bible/work, clean/cook, and take care of my family. I digress. 

When I found time to look back at these pictures between my son riding his motorcycle over my keyboard and my little one opening a thing of wipes, pulling out each one individually- I couldn't help but laugh . Our life with two boys is crazy/beautiful. Mostly crazy- I’ll be real honest. These boys......

I'm taking time in this New Year to realize how thankful I truly am. 

Boys updates to come next on the blog.

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  1. Awe they are precious and these are wonderful. A house full of crazy is a house full of fun :). What awesome memories :). Love!!