Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Noah Walker- 3ish years old

Noah Walker- where to begin?

I could really write a novel about my three year old, but I’ll try to refrain. I’ll give y’all the skinny on what he likes to do these days, favorite foods, and personality traits. Noah is a rambunctious, opinionated, compassionate, kind, strong-willed, hilarious boy.  He is the first to give me a big hug in the morning and the last to want to say goodnight.  

Noah is 34 pounds and around 37 inches. He is thick- not chubby, not hefty- just thick. We are already amazed by his muscle tone in his calves and arms. He is super strong (and will gladly remind us of this quite often).  He wears mostly 3T but for certain things needs 4T. His feet are gargantuan. He can wear my socks. I kid you not. He wears a 10.5 shoe. 

Noah is a great sleeper- 12 hours a night and usually a 1.5/2 hour nap during the day. If he is with the nanny, he will sometimes miss the nap but we usually pay for it that night. 

What does Noah like to do these days? IMAGINE! I love this age and the creative play.  With his friend Haidyn- he loves to play family, monsters, cars, doctor, and all sorts of scenarios. Whenever I ease drop onto the conversations he has with his little friends, I love to hear how he portrays different roles. He’s a very good “daddy” and quite the careful “doctor”.

To all of our guests who have come to visit over the past couple months- I apologize for all the stories you have had to tell. His favorite request is “tell me a story.”  Once you tell him the story, he will ask for it again and again and correct you if you leave anything out. Mimi (one of Noah’s grandmas) learned this one the hard way when she forgot about the hot portage in Goldie Locks and the 3 bears. Every night at dinner he is sure to ask for at least one story. It wears a mama out!

Jesus. This has been probably one of the most significant changes in the past couple months. Noah loves to talk about Jesus in his heart, saving him from his sins, and living in Heaven. It’s a hard concept to grasp so there is still confusion sometimes- but I’m amazed at his spirit and desire to learn. Noah wants to live a life that makes Jesus happy and likes to tell others about Him. Child like faith is no joke. 

Favorite Foods- Noah is an eater. Both my boys are, and I’m thankful. He’s not picky- he will try almost anything. Chick-fil-a and Starbucks are probably his two favorite hot spots. He requests them weekly. ( I know- I’ve produced a monster but he likes what his momma eats). As for things I always keep in the house- homeboy loves Greek yogurt, all fruits, broccoli, carrots, salad, cheese (even feta and bleu), cookies (of course), spaghetti, PB&J, oatmeal, bacon, and edamame.

Some of my favorite things he has said as of recently-
We went to IKEA this past weekend to look at shelving and storage. Noah told Matt at least 10 times that he wanted the pink storage bins. Two days ago, Matt built the shelves and storage containers while Noah was sleeping (we did not pick the pink ones- we went with white). The next morning Noah came out of his room to see Matt’s masterpiece of a project, and his first response was “I told you I wanted the pink ones.” Opinionated much- why yes.

Funny things about Noah and Deacon-
Usually Noah tells me things like, “Mom can you handle this and distract him?” Deacon likes to mess up Noah’s puzzles or knock down his Lego towers. A 3 year old can only handle so much of his little brother’s mischief. Last week, Noah asked if Deacon could play with him in his room. I obliged and folded laundry in the other room.  After a good 15 minutes of no tears or yelling, I peeked in their room. Noah kept telling Deacon over and over how much he loved him and wanted to spend time with him. Cue the heart melting and tears.

I’m going to do a part two of this post. I feel like it’s long and if you aren’t a family member, you probably stopped reading by paragraph two. 

Please note all the photobombs of Bruiser in this post. He is quite attached to our boys.