Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deacon Matthew- 13/14 Months!

Weight/Length- 26 pounds is my guess- no idea for length!

Eating- Deacon has around 20 ounces of milk a day. He will do sippy cups for water and juice but definitely still prefers his milk in bottles. I need to work on that one, but I am going to pick my battles. To be honest, I am just not going to fight it right now and I’m not worried about it. Foods- wow this boy can EAT EAT EAT. He crushed 1 ½ Torchy's tacos all by himself the other weekend. I feel like some dainty girls can only ever eat one. His daddy was quite proud of his macho man Deacon . Favorite foods are bananas, chicken, cheese, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, mac n cheese, carrots, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He takes a morning cat nap every once in a while and then a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. I know these morning naps are soon to be gone. I’m OK with it whenever he drops it.

Diapers- 3’s. I need to put him in 4’s, but I’m trying to wait it out and finish all that we have left.

Clothes- Deacon is in 12/18 months for shirts, 12 months for pants. He is thick in the torso area. Solid boy just like his broski.

Dislikes- Teething. We are at 4 teeth ladies and gents. Crunchy foods are now more of a possibility and this mama is excited. I just hate the process of popping the tooth. It makes for a cranky baby with diaper rash.
He also doesn’t like to be told no (who doesn’t?) or not be able to figure something out (once again, who doesn’t?) Deacon is determined. If he can’t figure something out or get it right, he will usually throw it or screech. I love this quality about him although it can pose some problems. I know this boy will be more of a perfectionist like his dad. He likes things a certain way and wants to get it right.  He also wants it his way. He is definitely exercising his independence which is awesome yet tough when he doesn’t have the words to communicate.

Likes- Love. This boy has so much love to give- it melts my heart. Deacon is very affectionate to us, the dog, and his brother. There are kisses and hugs to go around all the time. He idolizes his big brother and thinks Noah is the best thing ever. He wants to do what Noah’s doing- we see him climbing anything and everything with a smile on his face just to keep up with his bro.

He loves to WALK! Yes, right at 14 months Deacon really started to initiate steps. It’s so much fun- I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. He still has the zombie man going on, but walks 95% of the time. It’s so much fun to watch him chase his brother and participate in things like pushing strollers or tackling Bruiser. He’s all boy.
 He loves to tickle Noah, rough house with daddy, and snuggle with his mom. He will sit in your lap and just hang out. His blankets are still his soothers. He has a handful of words- kitty being the newest one. His favorite animal is a cat. Our neighbor has dozens (don’t ask) and he loves to take my hand to go look for them. Now that we have a toddler- outside is the best. Biking (really being pushed on a bike), walking, sliding, digging in dirt, piling sticks, playing in water, throwing rocks- this boy is the happiest kid ever when we have days outside. His mom loves outdoor adventures too- so I can’t wait to take these two hoodlums camping.

This will sound odd, but Deacon loves men. He gravitates towards men when we are in a room of strangers. It doesn’t matter the age. We were at a cake shop last week and he went up to an elderly gentleman and gave him a hug. When we went to the park on Saturday, there was a daddy there that he kept watching and trying to interact with. It’s such a sweet dimension of his personality. I don’t want to forget it. I love how God knit this boy together in my womb!

Favorite memories of the months (13/14)- There are too many. I watched my baby turn into a toddler before my eyes. It’s the sweetest gift to be a mommy and watch my boys light up as the world becomes an adventure before each of them. I pray that as Deacon becomes older- he will see the light of Jesus. I pray that he will love well and seek joy in all circumstances. I pray his daddy and I would shepherd him in truth. It is such an honor to be this boy’s mama. My heart is full. 

Next week I aim to post his 15 month things. Let's see if I can accomplish this goal. 

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  1. Such a sweet boy just like his brother. So AWESOME he's walking and loves the outdoors. Sounds like summer is going to be awesome. I'm hoping for sunny dry days so y'all can get out :). Love adventuress boys!!