Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Pea in the Pod is 5 months old!

Weight/Length: I’m going to guess between 16 and 17 pounds.  As far as length goes, I have no idea. It might be time to pull out the measuring tape again if I can find some time where Noah is calm, cool, and collected (yeah right).

Eating: Noah feeds every two to three hours during the day. This month we brought out the SOLIDS! Boy oh boy, it has been so much fun. Let me just say- Noah should be purple with all the prunes he has been eating. Homeboy loves himself some prunes.

In the month of March, Noah has eaten peas (his least favorite), green beans, bananas, oatmeal, rice cereal, prunes, and squash.  He really likes when I mix the fruit with the oatmeal. That seems to be his favorite and keeps him full the longest. I just mix b-milk, mushed banana, and oatmeal. It makes for a baby parfait. . 

Bedtime/ Awake:  He will sleep 12 hours during the night with a dream feed at 10:00 pm. He has been losing his pacifier in the middle of the night, and I have been getting up to put it back in. We still swaddle him. I am hoping to get him out of this habit soon, but he isn’t ready yet.

Diapers: He is in 2’s. I think he will stay her for a while.

Clothes: He is in 3 month or 3 to 6 months outfits. I did a big cleanse of clothes this weekend. There were some clothes that were way too small in his dresser. I put them away and brought out the next level up of clothes. It’s been fun to put him in new outfits. I seriously love dressing babies.

Favorites: He loves cups! If anybody is drinking, he gets so excited (pants and waves his arms) and wants to touch the cup and hold it too. It is really precious. He loves to be carried and talked to. We use our baby Bjorn all the time. Noah loves bath time and to splash around. With solids now in the midst of our life, we bathe him often. Babies are so messy. Noah loves to go for walks and play with his toys in his bumbo. He is definitely an only child and thinks it is just WRONG for him not to be the center of attention. Noah loves his pacifier and he loves to cuddle.  
notice the farmer's tan....oops! bad mommy
Dislikes: Noah Walker doesn’t care much for tummy time. He doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. He doesn’t like PEAS. He gets scared by loud noises and men with deep voices.

Tricks: Noah is very aware of his surroundings- his hand eye coordination has improved immensely. He reaches for items to put in his mouth. Noah can hold his own bottle, but it isn’t always at the right angle, so we usually help him out. Noah can “walk” while holding your hands. He can eat from a spoon. He knows his name and responds to both Matt and my voice instantly. He can babble all different syllables; some which sound like MAMAMAMAMAMAMA. Happy 5 months sweet buddy!

xoxoxo, Natalie


  1. Noah is precious! Seems like he has such a little personality lately and a smile that will melt your heart! :)

  2. Thanks Bethany! We feel so blessed. :)