Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness

Things I don’t want to forget-
My work buddy this morning- somebody is excited!

Noah rubs his eyes when he is getting sleepy and ready for a nap. (I'll get a picture of it, melts my heart everytime.)
On February 29th, we started Noah on rice cereal- he chugs it.
Tummy Time Monster

Noah loves to try to hold onto the bottle or assist with the milk and get his hand in his mouth while feeding- super annoying, but oh so cute.
Matt has been playing the guitar for him every day the past couple days, not only does it soothe him but he also has fallen asleep to Matt’s lullaby.
Matt's Twinkie!

Noah has started speaking new syllables. We hear Mmmm's, Aaaa's, Oooo's, it's amazing
Peas were the first baby food homeboy tried. He didn’t  LOVE love it, but he ate them and enjoyed himself.  (March 4th)
Sweet Potato Mess!

Sweet Potatoes have been the next adventure. We tried those today March 7th; he was totally a fan-see the face below!
So far March has been pure madness for Noah. He is slowly discovering this world and all the flavors and sounds it has to offer.
This face totally made the mess worth it!

xoxo, Noah's Mom

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