Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11th

The best birthday came my way,
Lots of love from my two boys
Thoughtful gifts and brand new toys.
Let me just say how blessed I feel to be 26, have a beautiful baby boy and married to a wonderful hubby. Yesterday was the best 26th birthday. I am still basking in the beautiful, relaxing, amazing day.

My french toast- getting hungry looking at it now!

With the time change, we “slept” in. Matt and I slept until 8:20 or so, and Noah slept until 9. It was wonderful- a rarity in our house these days- so something I totally treasured. Matt decided to make me breakfast- he decided to try out a new dish. He made homemade French toast and I’m already requesting it for next weekend. It was delicious- not so much nutritious- but hey, calories DON’T count on your birthday. For my mid-morning snack, Matt and I walked to Randallsand he treated me to Starbucks (a favorite of mine, that doesn’t happen often with a budget-bahhhhh). We went grocery shopping and to Target to pick out my new CROCKPOT. Boy oh boy, I’m so excited about this birthday gift.  I just keep thinking of all the possibilities to come with this new cooking dish.
My Birthday Buddy. He even helped daddy make breakfast.

After shopping, Matt and I took little dude on a walk. I seriously saw about 100 walkers around our neighborhood. With four days of rain, everybody was out and about soaking in the rays. It was the perfect temperature, with the perfect breeze, and the perfect Clem boys.
For dinner, we dropped off Noah with a sweet family from our community group, and we headed to Z Tejas for some margaritas, guacamole, enchiladas, and chocolate pie. Let me just say, I was hurting after this meal. It was so good- the perfect cherry on top of my perfect birthday.
Brownie Pie- my favorite!

Sorry for the overuse of the word perfect.
Hope y’all had a happy weekend too.

This boy is excited! He is looking strawberry blonde these days!

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