Sunday, February 19, 2012

Go Ahead...Cruise the Town!

Being a mom might be my favorite…
Hi Bumpo Bald Baby!
Don’t get me wrong. It is hard. It is ugly. There are sleepless nights, BUT I can’t say that there is any job I’d rather be doing.
This week has been full of awesome days with Noah. I have discovered that homeboy is just like his mom; he doesn’t want to sit in an apartment all day. He wants to be out and about. He likes to cruise the town. I have taken him grocery shopping, to Nordstrom’s Rack, to the trail, and around the neighborhood- pure fun, smiles, and giggles.
He sees himself in the phone :)
When we go to stores, we shop as one mama/baby unit- I wear the carrier. He loves it and GOES NUTS. Stores provide so much stimulation with all the colors and lights that he gets to explore/see. It also allows for a lot of hand chewing time (currently his new/only hobby).  (Sidenote- Valentine’s candy was on sale since it was the day after, so I found some pretty good steals on Wednesday). I always love a good bargain.
4 real mom!

I’m serious when I say this- mom’s, don’t just stay inside with the baby. Be brave and get out. I wasn’t really brave with Noah for a long time. I always worried what would happen if he had a meltdown with just me. I would stay in the house because I knew I could handle his meltdowns in the house.  Really, if he has a meltdown, I will leave wherever I am at or fix the problem, and I will move on. It really isn’t that big of a deal. In my mind, I thought it would be too hard, but really, it isn’t. Being independent and cruising the town is worth the occasional meltdowns.

Chunky Monkey Nugget!

Hope y'all enjoyed some pictures of my crazy boy! 

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  1. Wow, that first picture really shows his hair line and that it appears it will be DARK! :)

    Sorry Aaron, he was hoping for another blondy like him. ;)