Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dislikes and Loves- Post Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy Dislikes
  • So I am usually a pretty positive person, but there are some things I do not enjoy after having a little nugget. The main one being hair loss. IT IS SO ANNOYING! I swear I find my hair everywhere- including in Noah’s diaper. Now how does that even happen? I’m hoping this will stop soon, and I can go back to brushing my hair once a day rather than 10 times. I feel like I might go bald. Noah and I seriously might have that in come. BLAH!
  • I love that with breastfeeding/pumping you can eat whatever you want, but I dislike that I’m always hungry. I walk from one room to another, and I feel like I just got a work out and I need another snack. I seriously think I eat more than Matt right now, and Mat is a BIG eater.
Post Pregnancy Loves
  • I love fitting into my old clothes. It is so refreshing to have a closet full clothes that fit again.
  • I love being able to bend over and tie my shoe.
  • I love not having to get up and use the bathroom 10 times a night.
  • I enjoy being able to squeeze between chairs and small spaces.
  • I love that I actually get to see my little boy every day and not have to wonder what he looks like or whose personality he will have. (Noah’s looks right now- Matt; personality- more like me)
  • Most of all I love being a complete family. Now there may be more kids to come in the future- but right now we are the Clem’s party of 3 and I LOVE IT!
Tomorrow, Noah and I are off to College Station- Yay Baby Kaleb!


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  1. I still lose my hair at an unprecedented rate. :( But I'm not bald yet! It seems to grow back just as fast as it falls out. But it was SO LOVELY for those 9 months to not have to clean out my brush every single day. :)