Thursday, September 22, 2011

35 Weeks: Social Butterfly!

Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a honey dew melon. His job for the next couple weeks is to continue to plump up. He has about 15% body fat right now; we want him up to 30% by the time he is born. 
Weight gain: 23-25 pounds. Who knows? I am headed back to the doctor a week from Monday, so we will know more then.  
Maternity Clothes:   A mixture of both. I actually enjoy maternity pants a lot. I would definitely continue to wear them if it was socially acceptable. I think all pants should have an expandable waist band. It leaves from for both comfort and growth.
 Gender:  BOY!
Movement:  Yes. Today at work I called over a couple of my co-workers. They watched in amazement as made my whole tummy looked jolly and jiggled like Santa.
Sleep: It’s been great. No complaints. It was funny though- he woke me up this morning with his activity. I think he thought it was time to get up. He would not stop poking around. I tried to adjust to different positions, but ultimately decided that it was time to get up. He’s already getting me ready for when he comes out in October-I will be adjusting to his sleep/awake pattern immediately.  
What I miss:     I miss being able to bend over, paint my toes comfortably, and walk without waddling. Yes, I think I’m quite the waddler these days.  
Cravings:  Chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, fruit, and vegetables
Symptoms: My sciatic nerve has been acting up along with the hips and back. He’s growing and my body is feeling the aftermath. It’s all worth it and nothing I can’t handle.
Best Moment This Week:   I have been quite the social butterfly since the tax season deadline has ended. I have three favorite moments because of this. First: Matt and I drove to Waco to watch this lovely couple get married on Saturday. It was amazing and wonderfully planned out. They had this around the world theme- the guest book was an old atlas you stamped and wrote your name on. Katelyn put so much hard work and effort into their big day! God was glorified 100%! 

Second: Ashley Baker and Bear Cub were in town on Monday for a doctor’s appointment. We got to have her over for dinner and it too of course was wonderful. It felt like she hadn’t left and we hadn’t skipped a beat. Matt and I both wish College Station was a snap away. Here are the bumps and future best friends hanging out together! 

Third: I got to exercise for the first time yesterday since about five weeks with a friend from church named Brittany. We used to walk together at least once every other week, but it had been too long. It’s an amazing walk down by Lake Austin and it was so much fun to get to fellowship with her! She's wonderful and it felt so nice to be sore from exercise  for once.

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